when there is

only little time

for details

Eve is an AI assistant app that creates perfectly fitting excuses, alibis, stories, lies. With Eve, the user no longer needs to make up poor causal constructions, no longer loosing himself in contradictions. He can rely on a waterproof solution that will fix every socially challenging situation. 


too good to be true?

what proofs our quality 

generation and support team

01 / ethnical committee
02 / technical support
03 / data safety

In regards of a non human assistance, we care about human concerns. That's why we collaborate with an ethnical committee that solves all kinds of morality issues. 

Out technical support is converting the content related changes then to our neuronal network based software.

Data safety is our highest value. Even though we work with all kinds of libraries, we are independent from big software companies and are not intending to change our status. 

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